SuperBox S2pro
SuperBox S2 PRO -- The Best Android TV Box USA

SuperBox S2 PRO -- The Best Android TV Box USA

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Tammy Justin
Best of the best and NO MORE CABLE!

I can't tell you how much I love this SuperBox compared to Amazon Fire Stick. It is AWESOME and so easy to use and set up. Everything from the packaging to the contents of the box is quality it is so simple. You can go online and watch tutorials from SuperBox and so much more.

I had two Fire Sticks and neither one worked with really, really HOT when streaming live tv. I wasn't crazy about the quality of Fire Stick either, SuperBox is night and day and with so many more features.

I am so glad to be rid of cable and their hideous bills for getting nothing to watch and a ton of aggravation. Optimum raised my basic cable bill $30.00 after 4 years of loyalty and I was DONE!! Streaming is the future and the way to go.

I have a 3 yr old Samsung Smart Tv 1080P and this SuperBox works great plus I am ready in the event I decide to get a 4K tv. Don't hesitate a minute. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the SuperBox.

Williams Cline
Best streaming device yet!

By far the best tv box yet. The picture is unbelievably clear (and I don't even have a 4K TV). Really, really easy to set up.I like the gift airmouse to . I also have several Roku boxes and am now Superbox - much better than ever!!

Jason Barnes

easy setup,I cut the cord a year ago and it's nearly impossible to do that without a SuperBox

Gail P. Snyder
Love it get out of paying cable bills

I have bought it 2 months, it has been a great addition. It will enable me to get out of paying cable bills. Much to offer as far as tv stations and videos. I would suggest it to anyone.

Deanna Deanna
Really nice Android tv Box,Awsome Service

If you are in the market for a budget solution, this is not for you. If you want the best streaming box money can buy, buy this unit. I've got several smart TV's, Chromecast Ultras, and Rokus and nothing gives me the smooth experience that the SuperBox S1 Pro does.

The thing that I love about this most is the tons of content and custom service . I love watched tv series like growing pains ,after asked customer suervice they added it fo me.local channels and movies that comes along with an Android TV and it makes this the absolute best solution on the market.

About SuperBox S2 PRO:

SuperBOX S1PRO is an Android box you could install android apps (Blue TV and Blue VOD pre-installed.) Giving you access to the latest movies, TV shows, sports, news, live channels and pay per views around the world without extra fees. SuperBOX does not have monthly fee. It's all in the box.

What Can I do with SuperBox: 

  • Power, picture, performance: SuperBox S1Pro lets you stream free, live and premium TV over the internet; right on your 4k or 6K TV; Superbox's top of the line media player with a quad-core processor and our best wireless, SuperBox is perfect for heavy streaming in HD, 4k, and HDR.

  • Ultimate connectivity: no matter what you’re streaming, enjoy a strong connection with dual-band wireless or use the Ethernet port for wired streaming.

  • Brilliant picture quality: experience your favorite TV in stunning detail and clarity; perfect for HD, HDR, and 4k streaming, enjoy picture that’s optimized for your TV with sharp resolution and vivid color

  • Fully loaded: It’s got all the bells and whistles, including channels that launch in a USB and micro SD ports; 

    SuperBox S1 PRO parameter table:

    • OS: Android 7.0 Nougat
    • Chipset: Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 Processor
    • FLASH: 2GB DDR3 Memory
    • Nand: 16GB eMMC Internal Storage
    • Expand Memory: Support MicroSD(TF), Up to 128GB
    • USB Port: 1 X USB 2.0, 1 X USB 3.0
    • AV Output: 1x3.5mm Jack
    • Card Reader: 1x Micro SD(TF) Slot
    • Antenna: External independent Wi-Fi antenna
    • Wi-Fi : Support 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Dual Band WiFi
    • Network: 10/100M LAN
    • HDMI Resolution: Ultra HD 6K
    • High Definition video output: 6K (6144x3160 pixel )
    • 1 Years Warranty Period

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