Cut the Cord: Here’s How to Watch All Your Favorite Channels Without Cable

Have you tired for pay more than $100 per month to watch live tv and movies?  Now more and more people are making the decision to cut the cord and get their TV fix elsewhere.


But We can really still watch all favorite live streaming  wit0hout paying any cent for the cable?

Here is the ways to watch tv free.

1,,Install mobile apps to get cable TV channels free.

iptv box usa with hulu netflix sling tv

There are many live tv apps that you could use free for life on your android phone or iphone
You can connect the mobile with the TV for ease when it comes to watching the channels.
You could connect the phone with your TV via On-the-Go(OTG) USB adapter or HDMI(High definition interface cable)
or through the WIFI use the technology mirrocast or airplay. 

2,Purchase SuperBox S1

super box s1 kodi roku the best iptv provider
SuperBox S1 is the best iptv box 2019 and is easily set up. 
and allows you to watch the USA and Canda cable tv channels free of charge. 
The channels that one can access through SuperBox S1 include all  Netflix, HBO, Showtime BBC iplayer, 
among others. there are more than 800+live tv channels , Including Sports Channels( College Basketball, NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL Games, Soccer, ...) ,
News,Children’s,18++and so on. One major complaint about alternative TV services is there typically isn’t much offered for sports fans.


3,Streaming your cable TV Online

Some of the websites that one can use for streaming include, which mainly focuses on television programming.

You can also visit network websites of the channels such as,, and This website allows customers to view their programs live without paying any fees. 

 4.Watching with free internet

You can also watch free internet the channels. Some sites allow you to get free internet 
including FreedomPop and EveryoneOn provided you can meet the required criteria. 
After gaining access to free internet, you can now connect your TV using an HDMI interface to get free channels. 
The main disadvantage of using free internet is the speed of the show is low.5.Registering for a free video streaming online
You can also get free cable premium channels by signing up to sites that allow free streaming of videos. 
Such websites include series cravings, TV box, and Some of the networks, including Fox, Lifetime, 
CBS, NBC, and ABC, allow their users to be able to watch some of their shows for free online.6. Netflix

Commercial-free and available on a number of platforms, Netflix has one of the largest libraries of shows and movies available for live-streaming.


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  • max bounan

    just got it; i like it, problem is it buffer channel seems to take a long time to come up and then it stop then start again. my Wifi is pretty good. anything i can do to fix it.
    thank you


    we will see if this is truly the very best

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